Over 40 Full Body Sandbag Workout

This week’s workout is another efficient sub 20 minute workout designed for the entire body.

Your Sandbag Workout


We are going to start with a quick plank and knee raise warm up.  Start with a standard hand plank and hold it of 60 seconds. Most people think of planks as core only workouts, but they are actually a full body exercise and can help get the blood flowing. If you have problems with a standard plank, use a wall to do the plank at a 45 degree angle, lowering the effort needed.

After your 60 second plank, we will do a set of high knee raises and we will be ready to begin your full body sandbag workout.


As always, we will break our workout up into multiple circuits.

Make sure that you tighten your core muscles during every exercise to give them a workout and to protect your spine.

Circuit 1 will consist of lunges, followed by alternating shoulder presses and wrapping up with around the worlds.

Lunges will be performed holding the bag in front of you, high enough to not interfere with leg movement. By holding the bag up, you will not only recruit your quadriceps and glutes, but also your shoulders and biceps.

Alternating shoulder presses will be performed by gripping the bag in the middle and pressing it over your head, alternating shoulders. This exercise will work shoulders and triceps.

Around The Worlds are a great all around workout and will be performed by rotating the bag around your head or the world. This exercise will recruit triceps, biceps, shoulders and the muscles of the upper back.

Circuit 2 will consist of stiff legged dead lifts, followed by bent row and wrapping up with kettle bell swings.

Stiff legged dead lifts are performed by locking the knees and moving the hips out as you lower the weight. This is an exercise that will primarily target the hamstrings.

Bent row will be performed with your torso at a 45 degree angle and your knees slightly bent. Simply pull the weight to your chest, working your back and biceps.

Kettle Bell Swing are a full body workout that you will perform by swinging the sandbag forward while raising your body. Keep the core tight at all times while working your legs, back, core and arms.

Cool Down

Cool down will not be shown but should be done. Finish up witrh some static stretching to bring your body back to rest and to minimize any soreness post workout.


By James Carlson

James Carlson is an NASM certified personal trainer and nutrition coach living in Jacksonville, FL.