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Welcome to Carlson Fitness!

My name is James Carlson and I am a Certified Personal Trainer lucky enough to be living in Orlando. I believe that physical fitness is something that you should be able to enjoy. You are not going to find any crash diets here or 4 week programs that are going to get you “shredded”. Gimmicks and quick fixes will only burn you out and leave you in a worse place than you are right now.

What you will find here is logical, science based fitness that takes the entire person into account. Get healthy in a way that you will enjoy and be able to stick with, long term.


I believe in the concept of holistic training, which takes the entire body into account. In order for you to have long term success, you need a program that focuses not just on exercise. It must also focus on nutrition and your mental well being.


After listening to your goals and evaluating your current level of fitness, I will develop an exercise plan that is custom fitted to you. The plan will address any weaknesses and/or muscle imbalances that you have and will be designed with workouts that you enjoy.

As you progress physically, together I will adjust your plan to meet your changing needs and goals. This will also keep the workouts interesting to prevent boredom.


Exercise is important in order to get the results that you want, but it goes hand in hand with nutrition. I will help guide you into a nutritional plan that works with your lifestyle and that will allow you to see your results in the mirror.

Of course, I also realize that nutrition is the hardest part of the journey and that everybody has their vices when it comes to diet. I can help you learn to manage your vices and actually incorporate many of them into your diet plan.


The “mental game” is another big part of your workout plan and is one that should not be ignored.

I can help you identify and change the triggers that keep you from exercising or stop you from eating a healthy diet. Then, together we can work on making the small changes over time, so you can eliminate, or at least control your unhealthy habits.


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