A Few Simple Plank Variations

About Planks

Most people think of planks as an abdominal building exercise, but it in fact is a full body workout. Yes, it takes a strong core but it is a full body effort. Add in a few variations, and you can change the way muscles are recruited for the exercise

In this video, I will start with a standard hand plank and then briefly regress before progressing into a few simple plank variations.

Hand Plank

Very basic plank giving you a full body workout.

Elbow Plank

An easier plank to perform for most but it does increase abdominal muscle activation.

Shoulder Taps

Adds just a bit more difficulty.

Hand To Side Plank

A progression from the typical hand plank.

Push Up To Side Plank

A progression from the hand to side plank.

Using Planks

Planks are a great way to increase core strength as well as improve upper and lower conditioning. One way to use them is as a warm up aid. Start with a simple plank and then gradually add progressions until you are ready to take on your regular workout.

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By James Carlson

James Carlson is an NASM certified personal trainer and nutrition coach living in Jacksonville, FL.