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My name is James Carlson and I am an NASM certified personal trainer and nutritional coach. I specialize in at home personal training with an emphasis on those over 40 who are looking to get back in shape or finally get in shape. It is never too late.

If you want to gain strength, lose weight and protect your mobility, I can help. Even better, we will train in the privacy of your own home and I bring all of the equipment to you.

Contact me now and secure TWO WEEKS free with no obligation. Services are available in NE Jacksonville, Yulee and Fernandina.

Personal Training

It’s never too late to get fit and a solid workout program is never more important than when you start getting older. Let me create a personalized workout program for you that addresses any weaknesses and allows you to build a solid foundation. Build muscle, lose weight and enjoy your Florida beach life.

Your personalized workout will include core work, resistance training, balance exercises and it will put you in the “Burn Zone”. That means that you will continue to burn extra calories for hours after your workout ends.

My workout utilizes the peripheral heart action system. That means you work an upper body muscle and immediately work a lower body one. That allows for one muscle to rest while another works. This allows for an efficient resistance training workout with cardio benefits. No treadmill time needed.

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Nutrition Coaching

As a Certified Nutrition Coach, I can help you get your diet in line so that you can reach your goals. That is not to say that you have to have a perfect diet though, you should enjoy your life.

I can make any diet work for weight loss by working with you to implement small changes over time. For no additional cost, I also offer monitored nutrition tracking. It is not for everyone, but those who take advantage of monitored nutrition coaching can lose THREE times the weight of those who go it alone.

Functional Fitness

Your workout will be customized to you, but much of it will revolve around the concept of “Functional Fitness”. Exercises that help you feel better in real life, with an emphasis on core training to build a solid base.

Functional Fitness also involves unstable weight loads. It is a fun way to work out that activates more muscle fibers using only half of the weight. Get a better than gym quality workout without that “Gym Feel”.

Your workout will also keep you in the “Burn Zone”, so that you get a heart workout and continue to burn extra calories hours after the workout ends. No high intensity cardio is needed or even recommended.

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In Home Training

Personal training sessions are held in your home. This allows you to skip the “gym scene” and all of the health risks that come with it. It also increases your odds of sticking with the program, since the program comes to you.

I bring all equipment necessary for a workout and it is cleaned and sanitized between uses.

The program itself will be customized to you and I keep it interesting by constantly rotating the exercises. This makes the program more fun and effective since muscle groups will be constantly hit from different angles.

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Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Nutrition Coach

My name is James Carlson and I am a Certified Personal Trainer living in Jacksonville. I am 46 years old and am happily married with three kids.

The above information immediately sets me apart from the average 20 year old personal trainer. When you are 20, it is not very hard to stay fit. Once you get a bit older, you need to be smarter to see results.

I can show you how to get fit and stay that way without the “No Pain, No Gain” attitude. Take advantage of my nutrition coaching and/or personal training and you will get fit. It’s just science.



I bring the workout to my clients. I serve NE Jacksonville, Yulee and Fernandina Beach.